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Statement on COVID-19

Fielders Choice Victoria understands the serious impacts of COVID-19 worldwide pandemic is having on the Victorian community. With many baseball and softball related activities being suspended, cancelled or postponed.
To ensure we are meeting obligations of service FCV request customers to please disclose knowledge of instances where -
• People you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive to COVID-19
• An individual within your team/group who has tested positive to COVID-19
By notifying Fielders Choice Victoria we will take immediate steps to identify and communicate with employees currently or recently employed in the workplace that may have been affected.
We will also take additional measures to minimise risk:
• All tables, benches, chairs, door handles etc will be cleaned daily
• All users of the Indoor Training Facility are highly encouraged to use your own equipment
• One toilet block is available and will be cleaned after each use
• Antibacterial aerosols will be sprayed daily
• Liquid soap is available for use to regularly wash your hands
Fielders Choice Victoria wants to do everything possible to keep customers and staff members safe during this forever changing situation. Our usual trading hours will not change.
If you are seeking information about products or services please contact us via Facebook message or email. Our products are available online for purchase