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Statement on Victorian shut down

To all our loyal Customers, Fielders Choice Victoria is still open for business. However, with the closure of non-essential businesses (Stage 1) we feel it won’t be long until we will be asked to close our retail outlet and training facility.
It has become very difficult for our sporting organisations and our general customers with many events being postponed or cancelled. Like many small businesses, Fielders Choice Victoria is going to struggle in these trying times.
Over the next two month our trading hours will be as listed below:
Monday to Friday - 11am to 4pm
Saturday and Sunday - 10am to 1pm
However, with our extensive range of products, which you can find online at, we can still supply you with all your baseball and softball equipment without needing to leave home. Postage or delivery can be arranged, and all sales over $100.00 will be posted or delivered free by using the FREEPOSTAGE discount code. This does not include our current Easton specials and is limited to one use per customer. Please email, phone us (details on website) or message us and we will do our best to help you out.
Our batting facility is still available for use for now. We will continue to disinfect all equipment daily, a hand-wash station is also available. To make your experience in our batting cages a lot safer, we ask you bring your own equipment (helmets, batting gloves and bats) to ensure a safer environment.
Please stay safe and support your local business
Thank you